Racking System Manufacturer

Founded in 2012, MySteel meets the needs and specifications of various industries by offering the best racks and storage systems. We are a leading storage system supplier, warehouse racking system manufacturer. We specialize in designing and manufacturing innovative and creative storage systems and equipment for various industries, depending on each business’s needs. We offer the best pricing in the region on customized storage solutions. Our unparalleled level of service is known in the country. Our devoted professionals provide the most excellent solutions for industrial storage. MySteel is best for high-volume procurement, catering to global supply chain requirements, and internal project management. We have versatile experience in this sector as we ship products to different parts of the country. Whether you need a storage system or the best racks, we provide strong and sturdy steel solutions that will give a firm grip on your products.


Why Choose Us

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We are committed to offering our customers high-quality storage systems that are durable and safe.

boltless shelving manufacturer


We are a team of experts equipped with advanced equipment and technology that provide efficient and reliable production capacity to our clients. 

boltless shelving manufacturer


Our 9 years of experience in the storage rack system has enabled us to design and manufacture different storage equipment to fulfill every client’s needs.

boltless shelving manufacturer


We are a skilled team that comprehends and meets each client’s objectives for storage systems and thrives on client confidence and pleasure. 


A New Generation of Storage System

MySteel is a renowned name in Malaysia for being a top-notch storage system supplier, and warehouse racking system manufacturer. We engineer and design our products right in our manufacturing centers. We make sure that each rack or storage system manufactured is unique and has a professional build. The material procured for manufacturing the racks and storage systems is top-quality.


boltless shelving manufacturer

Structural Steel Platform

Structural Steel Platform is known as Mezzanine Flooring. It is designed to provide an effective warehouse system and maximize storage capacity, helping businesses to save cost effectively in inventory management.

boltless shelving manufacturer

Racking System

Discover various types of racking systems, ranging from selective pallet racking systems to cantilever racking systems that can fulfill business’s warehouse management requirements.

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Construction Steel Works

MySteel provides the highest standards of steel detailing with 3D drawings and steel fabrication for various industry requirements.

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Your Storage Solution Partner

We are here to cater to your needs

MySteel is the leading storage system supplier in the warehouse industry. We offer light and heavy-duty storage systems, including pallet racking systems, adjustable pallet racking, and mezzanine racking. We will never compromise on our design and manufacturing quality. We have various products in different shapes and sizes. We can customize them to meet your requirements. You can get the Boltless Shelving System, Selective Pallet Racking System, Cantilever racking System, etc. Furthermore, we provide customers with the best after-sales support through maintenance and repairs for their racking and shelving systems. Our high-density storage racks are great for holding any size and weight of products. You will never face any issues for the same. Call our experts today for a free quote.

Our primary goal is to build relationship with our customer based on reliable services & quality products.