Cantilever Racking System

Cantilever Racking System is the perfect storage solution for long items such as Pipes, Steel rods, Tubes, and Hollow sections. Moreover, the arms of the cantilever rack are adjustable and perfectly fit different heights of goods.


It proves helpful for heavy-duty industries and heavier loads. As mentioned, you can store pipes and other related materials and adjust the heights of racks too. Our warehouse cantilever racking systems are competitively priced and simple to install and configure. You can get single or double-sided cantilevers from us. Our clients can store oversized products with easy access to each product without any hassle. We aim to maximize the storage location space to help provide large-scale industries with enough space for the movement of the products.

Our cantilever racking system in Malaysia is designed to store your uniquely-shaped products for extended periods safely. With our system, you can be confident that there will be no incidents of products falling or getting damaged. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to customize the weight and dimensions of the cantilever racks to meet your specific requirements. Experience the ultimate efficiency and functionality with our exceptional warehouse cantilever racking systems. These structures offer unbeatable durability and mobility, allowing you to configure them to provide optimal support for your long-loaded items. MySteel produces the best quality cantilever racking system in the country with new lifting technology to lift the weights/ products to top racks.

You can easily customize our cantilever racking system in Malaysia to carry different loads, specifically for steel manufacturers, aluminum manufacturers, and other builder merchants. We produce cantilevers to fit the specifications of the merchants or factories and also meet their requirements. Moreover, you can keep the products manually or use forklift trucks and maximize your storage with our single and double-sided cantilevers. Our experienced team will guide you in choosing the right rack for your needs, and we are also committed to providing excellent after-sales customer support.