Boltless Shelving System

Boltless Shelving System is recommended for light-duty storage less than 400Kgs/Level. This shelving system is easy to install and versatile as it uses a bolt-free connection. It can be easily customized, mixed, and matched as per customer requirements.



As a renowned boltless shelving manufacturer and supplier, we are here to meet the demand of small to large commercial spaces and industries looking forward to a light-duty boltless shelving system. Our products are made of 100% finest steel quality that is water-resistant and does not rust. As these are boltless, you can shift the shelves anywhere when required.

Our racks can store weights of less than 400kgs per level, so our steel decking panels are great for storing them at heights. Our boltless warehouse shelving is known for making room at the factories where large-scale products must be stored. We are solving the problem of compact spaces for our clients. MySteel offers a quality boltless shelving system and boltless warehouse shelving for clients in Malaysia and other regions. Our light-duty boltless shelves are your one-stop shop to solve the problem of less space. Moreover, these shelves are quite economical, which makes it easier to assemble and disassemble according to your warehousing needs. When it comes to lightweight shelves, we are your go-to boltless shelving supplier. We take pride in offering top-notch professional advice to help you find the perfect shelving solution.

The best part of buying our boltless shelves is:

  • Every level of the shelve adjusts to a certain height
  • No need for bolts to assemble these racks
  • Variety of shelves to fit in your warehousing space
  • Robust steel support that is of high quality
  • Coated in high visibility colors to help your employees distinguish the shelves
  • Tested and certified according to the industry standards in Malaysia
  • Tap to assemble these boltless shelves

If you have limited space, our high-quality shelves can provide the support you require. Simply contact us via phone or email, and we will gladly offer a quote for the boltless shelving system. Our experts will promptly get back to you with the required details.