Heavy-duty Racks Manufacturers In Malaysia

Our heavy-duty industrial racking and heavy-duty warehouse shelving are custom-built to help large factories store heavy-duty materials like steel pipes, hollow pipes, huge industrial pallets, and much more. We use innovative technology to design the racks according to your specifications. We stand among the reputed and popular heavy-duty racks manufacturers in Malaysia. You can use our manufactured racks to store large amounts of goods in your factory. We 3D print the racks’ designs and manufacture them after our clients approve them. You will get affordable heavy-duty racks manufactured at affordable rates that will fall within your budget.

Why Choose Us

boltless shelving manufacturer


We provide sturdy and high-quality steel and metal racks that are fire and rust-resistant. From cantilever heavy-duty racks to multi-tier racks, you will get everything under one roof designed accurately according to your specification.

boltless shelving manufacturer


Most of our heavy-duty industrial racking and shelving are made of I-Beam, so they are durable and best for improving your storage works’ overall efficiency. We offer competitive pricing to our clients that will surely not dig a hole in your pocket.

boltless shelving manufacturer


We provide unique custom-built heavy-duty racks that will work best for your small to large-scale factory. Our heavy-duty rack layout and configuration can hold your packages effectively, efficiently, and safely.

boltless shelving manufacturer


We have a dedicated team that will provide full-fledged advice on the region’s heavy-duty warehouse shelving. From on-site inspection to customized designing of your order, our staff will help you at every step.

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Being renowned heavy-duty racks manufacturers in Malaysia, we abide by the industry codes and standards when manufacturing heavy-duty racks for your company. Our company offers personalized 3D designing and manufacturing of racks for each of our clients. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction by building racks and shelves that can store bulky products that require more storage space. Contact our team today to get possible insight! We will provide you with the best industrial racking solutions in the market.