About Us

Established in 2012, MySteel Construction Sdn Bhd is the best storage system supplier in Malaysia. Specialized in designing and manufacturing creative storage systems and equipment. We provide the highest standard of quality and safety at a reasonable price, offering services that give one-stop solutions to clients. We are confident that we are able to meet every client’s expectations in terms of quality, delivery, and prices.

MySteel is a diversified storage rack supplier known for the best commercial, engineering, and industrial products. As the best racking supplier in Malaysia, we ensure all our client’s demands are met immediately. We provide professional drawings built-in 3D, whereas our competitors are still working on the 2D design. Our core team and industry heads have the engineering background so that we can understand the unique requirements of our clients. We are the only rack manufacturer in Malaysia, which renders complete advice from beginning to end regarding the best rack and storage supplies you will need.

We produce products for commercial spaces, industries, and companies indulged in engineering services. Our company has an outstanding reputation in the building of removable steel material. You will get everything under one roof, from turnkey solutions to the best bespoke solutions. Our engineers will render step-by-step consultancy during and after the completion of the project. From design to manufacturing to installation, we cater to our clients every need. We are known as the best storage rack supplier and rack manufacturer in Malaysia that guarantees business efficiency. Being a reputed racking supplier in Malaysia, we make sure the provided products meet your standards and possess a great advantage over other products. Our boltless and cantilever products will improve your efficiency and reduce the operation cost too.

We go by the vision of less is more, so we produce structural components that are water and fire-resistant. Our idea is to provide safe products as your one-stop solution. Our mission is to become the best racking manufacturer and supplier to provide a safe work environment, superior products, agile performance, and the best quality at competitive prices. We strive hard to provide timely delivery to ensure complete satisfaction, emphasizing after-sales customer support.

Innovative Racking Supplier In Malaysia

With technological growth over the years, we are here to provide and build the best racks and storage solutions. MySteel will never lack behind in providing quality solutions to its clients. Our primary goal is to excel as the leading industrial storage solution provider. Our team of experts is dedicated to offering you top-notch advice and guidance. Don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with us for professional insights!