Multi-tier Racking System

Multi-tier Racking System is a mezzanine racking system that allows businesses to maximize their warehouse vertical storage space by doubling or tripling the space. Every level of the storage is able to be accessed by a structural staircase for safety and effective handling purposes. This racking system can be customized based on the client’s needs and it is the most cost-effective method for businesses to increase their storage space.


A multi tier racking system helps industries or factories to eliminate the structural floors. Our multi-tier pallet racking makes it easier for industrial units to keep their boxes and lift them whenever desired. If you have a limited floor area, the multi-level racking system is best for your company. You can manually or automatically store the pallets at considerable heights. It will maximize the warehouse space. Our shelves are designed to accommodate various levels, making it easy to access and retrieve items whenever needed. The best part is that you can customize these shelves to meet the specific needs of your industry and even have the flexibility for future height expansion.

The multi tier racking system is an answer for amplifying the storage of capacity. You can access these racks quite ergonomically. The buildings with the high roofing space are a great fit for the multi-tier shelving. Moreover, your employees can manually pick orders from the racks without hassle. A galvanized catwalk panel is made to help you increase the longevity of the racks. You can store medium to heavy-duty loads. It is safe to be adaptable to the business’s storage requirements. The multi-tier pallet racking provides suitable storage solutions for scalable organizations. You can access these higher-level racks through the stacker cranes or the forklift trucks to pick up or keep the order at certain heights.

We provide a multi-level racking system for logistics centers, spare part manufacturers, pharmaceutical warehouses, etc. Our affordable racks are designed to provide convenience for your staff. These multi-tier racks are perfect for storing various items, whether small pallets or bulk. Call us today for a quote and take advantage of our free space inspection service.